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Feb 12, 2013 4:00pm PST
'll talk about north dakota. >> i will take every that he needs to be taken to keep abortion safe and legal and available in north dakota. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> welcome back to "the young turks." we're getting more pictures from the christopher dorner situation out of the cabin that he was apparently staying in. it is now on fire, swat teams moving in, but no word yet on whether they got him so the story continues. amazing. what's also amazing is how disaster north dakota has come for women ranked number one for worst state for women to live in in america, united states of america. why? well wday in north dakota about how they are taking away more and more reproductive rights. >> it comes down to this today. without directly challenging row v. wade, state legislators are debating and pass be a half dozen laws. >> the state was rated the absolute worst state for women. >> brick by brick dismantling the only state's abortion clinic in fargo north dakota. all are expected to go challenged in the courts. >> i will take every step that needs to b
Feb 9, 2013 11:20pm EST
. speakers included a speaker from utah and north dakota. lynn honored with the lifetime achievement award. she is a former senior editor and the first woman to hold that position at newsweek. major garret acted as the master of ceremonies. this is 45 minutes. >> good evening again. good evening, and welcome to our honored guests, members of congress, journalism colleagues, and friends. again, i am ellen shearer, and i'm president of the washington press club foundation. this is our 69th press club dinner. [applause] it is a chance to celebrate the hard work of those in the room. journalists and those they cover, the members of congress and their hard-working staff. it is also an opportunity to remember the great winning journalists who came before us and who set standards of reporting excellence to which we can all aspire. the four we did to our program tonight, i would like to introduce our distinguished table. these hold off your applause until i finish the introductions. i will start at my right. julie davis of bloomberg, our foundation's secretary. terry gainer. linda povich, winner o
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
're holding a fund-raiser for young dakota. >> 7-year-old dakota is well on the way to recovery. >> thank you, everybody. i love you guys. >> that's dakota. he's enjoying all the people who came to support him today. he has had a difficult to and have -- two and a half months. and a number procedures at johns hopkins hospital. he even went back to jim class. >> when i went and saw him in the e.r. i never would have expected this, you know? now to look at him and see that he will be able to play sports again, it's just incredible. >> dakota may have some difficulty growing some hair back but otherwise there are no long-term physical impacts. the benefit is now are just now getting out and 350 people here, all of the money is going straight to his medical expenses. >> please some eastern shore and try and find the person responsible for the stabbing to death of a college student. the university of maryland eastern shore student died at the hospital around 9:30 last time. he is 21 from severn. he was driving through campus when they got into an altercation. there are looking for three male suspe
Feb 9, 2013 8:20pm EST
. senator heidi heitkamp of north dakota, one of our speakers. [applause] our master of ceremonies, major garrett of cbs. [applause] congressman chaffetz, one of our speakers tonight. christina valentoni of pbs, senate parliamentarian, elizabeth mcdonough, and sheila casey, the treasurer. let's give our table a round of applause. [applause] before we get to our speaker, i have a few quick thank you's. first, we are all able to enjoy this evening of wonderful food, great conversation, and great speakers thanks to the hard work of our incredible dinner committee, and in particular our dinner co chairs, christina valentoni and david myers. thank you, guys. [applause] and thank you to our amazing executive director, who once again performed her magic to give us this evening. i also wanted to thank the foundation's sponsors and friends. their support makes the work of our foundation possible and helps us put on tonight's event. they are -- toyota, unitedhealth group, cq roll call, the hill, the us chamber of commerce, ford motor company, the national beer wholesalers association, the american
Feb 1, 2013 1:00am PST
of the states that is down to just one clinic, republicans in north dakota are now deciding to pursue the same mississippi strategy. they are trying to end access to abortion in their state altogether. by issuing new regulations that specifically target their one last clinic. they're doing it exactly the same way as mississippi. north dakota republicans started moving the legislation at the state level this week. its new regulations targeting specifically the state's one last clinic with new rules. same rules as mississippi. that are designed to be impossible to comply with. so then they can shut that clinic down. they have almost completed this process in mississippi. at least they think they have. and they are starting this process now in north dakota. they are targeting first the states where women are down to one last clinic as their last remaining connection to something that is supposedly a constitutionally protected right for them. they're only one clinic away from effectively outlawing abortion in some american states. in a country where constitutionally speaking that's not supposed to
Feb 9, 2013 1:00am PST
that population in say jackson, mississippi, or sioux falls, south dakota, or little rock, arkansas, or fargo, north dakota, you have a completely different experience. if you live in the community, you'll have protesters at your home and office. your friends and neighbors will get flyers calling you a murderer. you might employee an armed security guard. you take a different route to work every day. you might not even feel comfortable living in the community where you work. you might fly in from out of state and then fly back home when you're done each week. you might have to use an assumed name while you're in town. and if you don't, you can expect to be followed to your hotel by people who want to stop you from doing your work. openly providing abortion where every one has access to it is bordering on impossible in the united states. the one remaining clinic in the entire state of mississippi, which is served by doctors who fly in each week to serve the patients there, is poised to be shut down by anti-abortion politicians who control state government. they have been very straightforward t
Jan 31, 2013 7:00pm EST
de tormentas en dakota del sur. (hombre) era monstruoso. (narrador) historias dramáticas contadas por quienes las vivieron a continuación, en "naturaleza implacable". quizás usted piensa que la fuerza de la naturaleza nunca lo atrapará, eso fue lo que creyó una persona de california. al este de los Ángeles, un hombre está sobre el techo de su auto al ser atrapado por un aluvión del arroyo coyote. (hombre) nos avisaron que un vehículo había caído al arroyo coyote que es una vía fluvial revestida de concreto que atraviesa nuestra ciudad. lo tengo. (narrador) la gran cantidad de agua transforma el canal de concreto en un rápido torrente, la corriente es tan intensa que arrastra el coche como si fuera un juguete. (hombre) está bien. viene rápido, viene rápido! diles que se preparen! está en el centro, en el centro! (hombre) tenemos una mochila con cuerda de 15 metros, no podíamos realizar un rescate río abajo sin esta mochila, tuvimos que sacarlo del auto para poder subirlo. (mark tubbs) la cuerda, agárrala! (hombre) toma la cuerda! (hombre 2) eso es, vamos! (hombre) mu
Feb 10, 2013 11:00am EST
and senate majority leader tom daschle of south dakota presents a history of the u.s. senate and explains the specific responsibilities and operational differences between the senate and the house back. this is about an hour. >> our special guest today is a frequent visitor to the national archives, coming with his staffd the sound off and to experience the national archives. and having observed him with his kids, who knows his history, tom daschle, a graduate of south dakota state university, served in the air force as an intelligence officer for the strategic air command, and represent south dakota in congress for 26 years, four terms in the house of representatives and three terms in the senate. elected to house in 1978, he was part of the democratic leadership before moving to the senate for three terms beginning in 1987. he was elected senate democratic leader in 1994 as one of the longest-serving democratic leaders in the senate, and the only one to serve twice as majority leader and twice as minority leader. since he left the senate in 2005, senator daschle has continued to have a
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
to know where it's really cold? north dakota and minnesota. take a look at this. blizzard conditions. a lot of you on my twitter and facebook page say guys, we really want to see winter. give us a big storm. you don't want to see this one. windchills overnight should be between 20 and 35 below zero. that same storm system, believe it or not, is heading our way. but we're only going to get a piece of it. our piece is just going to be the fact that we're going to see some rain from that storm and some much colder air in behind it. a high of 42 degrees at the airport, a low of 22 this morning. last night was bitterly cold across our region. a very cold morning this morning. good thing the kids didn't have school. a lot of us didn't have to get up as early as we normally have to because of this holiday. 38 degrees, winds out of the south at about 8 miles an hour. it's the southerly component to the wind that will allow temperatures to warm up a little bit tomorrow. we're not only talking about the rain, but we're also talking about some pretty strong winds. 29 in martinsburg, 30 in frede
Feb 2, 2013 8:00pm EST
dakota presents the history of the u.s. senate and explains the specific responsibilities and operational differences between the senate and the house of representatives. this is about an hour. see our special guest today is a frequent visitor to the national archives, coming with his staff and family often to experience the national archives. and we observed thames with his guest knows his history. he served in the air force and an officer for the strategic air command. he represent itself dakota in congress for 26 years, four terms in the house of representatives and three terms in the senate. elected to the house in 1978, he was part of the democratic leadership before moving to the senate for three terms beginning in 1987. he was elected summit to -- democrat leader and is one of the longest-serving democratic leaders in the senate and the only one to serve twice as majority leader and twice as minority leader. since he left the senate in 2005 senators subfour has continued to have a strong voice among washington policymakers and is contributed to the debates and health care, climat
Feb 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
dakota was attacked at his aunt's house. his father says there will be no serious long-term consequences, but an 11 day stay children's hospital left the family with a mountain of medical bills. everything was donated, at the benefit, from the deejay to the door prize. >> everyone has troubles. everyone has financial issues. we want to be gentle about it. but people just poured generosity on us. >> thank you, everyone. >> he is doing much better. he is back in school. he is back in his head -- phys ed. he has his little attitude back, his personality. >> his dad said that the police officers that stopped the attack have been visiting dakota as he recovers. coming up, country star mindy macready died. why were some not surprised? in massachusetts residents in massachusetts residents continue to recover frht >> covering the nation, troubled countries in her mindy macready was found dead at her home in arkansas. sheriff's deputies responded to a call from her home on sunday. her boyfriend died during a similar incident last month. round two of snow in boston on sunday. roads and bridges cau
Feb 19, 2013 4:30am EST
in north dakota in grand forks. the cold is enough, but when you add the wind it makes the weather miserable. >> that wind really does you in. >> we have nothing to complain about around here. the been created and ground blizzard conditions at times. blowing all over the place. what about around here? nothing exciting for snow lovers this week. a little wintry mix north and west of the metro by midmorning. only a few hours for that potential. overall, just looking at rain in the metro. rta degrees at this hour, 36 at dulles 41 in culpeper, 27 in frederick. your bus stop forecast, 37 degrees and cloudy at pickup. chance of showers by recess. greg the umbrella and put the boots on the kids. you will need the umbrella for the drop-off time at 50 degrees. the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. let's talk with jamee first. >> calm right now. a good time to get going. virginia 395, wide-open. 395 from the beltway, to and across the 14th street bridge, no problems in landmark. virginia 95 northbound through stafford and the beltway, quiet. overnight construction on 95 in dale city has b
Feb 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
? the presiding officer: the senator from north dakota mr. hoeven: thank you, madam president. i rise today for the purpose of a colloquy with my distinguished colleagues on the matter of the examinee stone x.l. pipeline. so i -- matter of the keystone x.l. pipeline. so i ask for 30 minutes, without objection. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. hoeven: thank you, madam president. i rise today with distinguished colleagues, both republican and democrat, on a bipartisan basis to urge approval of the keystone x.l. pipeline. joining me today will be senator mary landrieu from the great state of louisiana, she's a democrat; republican john cornyn from texas; republican john boozman from arkansas; democrat joe manchin from west virginia; john barrasso, republican from wyoming; senator mark begich from alaska, a democrat; and senator lisa murkowski, republican, also from alaska. and i emphasize that to show the bipartisan support for this critically important project. now, you may have seen -- oh, i also will have a statement from senator max baucus of montana, who's been leading
Feb 28, 2013 3:00am PST
and our good friend from north dakota, byron dorgan here on the "full court press." the very articulate, aggressive, effective congresswoman from maryland donna edwards here today on the "full court press." and a whole lot more! and michael bloomberg, man of the hour. but first... >> this is the "full court press." >> some other headlines making news on this thursday. an nfl prospect tried clarifying his comments yesterday after saying a team asked him if he liked girl the or not. nick cafe is a player forethe university of colorado told the dan patrick radio program he didn't think they were really trying to find out his sexual orientation, rather that they were just firing questions at him to test his focus. the day before, he told espn radio he thought them asking about his sexual orientation is a little weird. >> bill: let me tell you something, you don't make -- you don't ask a question like that unless -- >> to test focus. >> bill: exactly. they knew exactly -- they just kind of threw it in there to see if they could catch him off-guard. >> the pope retires today. he will get to k
Feb 19, 2013 2:00am PST
behind the system is just a nasty morning up here in the dakotas, all through minnesota, the cold air all the way down to st. louis, and chicago today. the eastern seaboard, getting away with it this morning, rain showers this afternoon, the cold air on the east coast tomorrow. here is a look at the current radar, detroit, just fine, light rain, cleveland, showers ending for you. trying to mix in right now, changing over to wet snow areas, be aware of that. snow coming down here in the very cold air, from milwaukee, just north of chicago. we'll watch that, rain further to the south, thunderstorms down from new orleans to mobile. it is cold, minus 41 right now is the wind chill in dakota, minus two in denver. a significant shot, very cold air in the winds, blowing into chicago, minneapolis, all the central plains, tomorrow, bundle up, rain showers today on and off from new england all the way down to georgia. >>> all right, thank you so much, bill. well, just ahead, a history lesson, making a change over 100 years later. >>> and details on a whopper of a hacking as burger king's twitter ac
Feb 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
they are thankful both for the financial and emotional support. they are most thankful to see dakota. >> when i saw him in the er, i would have never ever expected this. i just wanted him home. to look at him and see he will be able to play sports again and all that, it is just incredible. >> his dad says a lot of people have been looking out for his son. the police officers who stopped the attack have been visiting dakota as he recovered. his teachers have been visiting his house to make up the work he missed. and >> police are trying to find the person responsible of the stabbing death of a college student. the student was driving to the somerset campus with friends around 9:30 last night when they encountered another group. witnesses told the police the student was stabbed during some type of altercation. the investigators do not believe it was random. >> investigators are not sure why this occurred. they are attempting to figure out if they knew the victim. they figured out this is not a random act, not something without a history behind it. they believe something occurred there between the ind
Feb 28, 2013 12:00am PST
and the big congressional panel weighs in next. >>> a north dakota lawmaker objects to a missing children's law, and she is using jesus as her excuse. the bizarre story ahead. >>> and does the nfl have the right to ask about sexual orientation? >> do you have a girlfriend? are you married? do you like girls? >> super bowl champion brendan ayanbadejo of the baltimore ravens takes on the nfl's tolerance for gay players. that's ahead. >>> and we are back. it was an emotional day on capitol hill as the debate over an assault weapons ban came to a senate hearing. we heard from the father of 6-year-old jesse lewis, one of the 20 children gunned down at sandy hook elementary. neil heslin says he supports the second amendment, but says the time has come for an assault weapons ban. >> and jesse was the love of my life. he was the only family i have left. it's hard for me to be here today to talk about my deceased son. but i have to. i'm his voice. i'm not here for the sympathy and a pat on the back. as many people stated in the town of newtown. i'm here to speak up for my son. >> meanwhile, milwau
Feb 19, 2013 4:00am EST
weather in many states. a storm now on the move brought dangerous conditions to the dakotas and western minnesota. two people, in fact, were killed in interstate pileup near fargo. drivers were warned to stay off the roads, as visibility was reduced to near zero. even plows were pulled because they simply could not keep up with all that blowing and drifting snow. >>> and a few thousand customers are without power in arkansas this morning after severe weather moved through that state, as well. there were no reports of immediate injuries. golf ball-sized hail was reported in the town of prescot. >>> and with more on the coming storms, here's jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, rob and diana. we're tracking a storm system that will be the big weathermaker. we'll track for a couple days. it rolls down the coast of california. soaking rainfall in san francisco. that rain arrives late in l.a. we'll see heavy snow in the sier sierra nevada. it rolls into the plains. looking for blizzard conditions in nebraska, into south dakota on thursday, with potential for strong thunderstorms o
Feb 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
lives here in minot, north dakota. it's 4:45 a.m. the sun is not yet up but clint romesha sure is. beginning his commute to his job as field safety specialist for an oil field construction firm. leaving his wife and three children behind. it's a dark 90-minute drive. plenty of time to reminisce about another place on the other side of the world, afghanistan. ♪ >> can't stop but think about jones strumming away on that guitar. >> that's private chris jones who often lightened the mood for his fellow soldiers in the middle of the war zone. >> jones playing that guitar and his quirky little songs. him and kopas would make up. always a memory that gives a little chuckle to my heart whenever i look back. for me, you know, i don't -- i don't sit there and try to reflect on the bad stuff. >> long before the bad stuff, clint romesha lived an idyllic life in lake city, california. with his parents, two older brothers and two sisters. both brothers joined the military after high school. following in the footsteps of their father, a vietnam veteran. >> we all looked up, you know, to dad. l
Feb 8, 2013 1:00am EST
. senator heidi heitkamp of north dakota, one of our speakers. our master of ceremonies, major garrett of cbs. congressman jason j fitz of utah of our speakers tonight -- chaffetz , one of our speakers tonight. senatena valentine honi, parliamentarian elizabeth mcdonough, and sheila casey, the treasurer. that's give our table a round of applause. [applause] before we get to our speaker, i have a few quick thank you's. first, we are all able to enjoy this evening of wonderful food, great conversation, and great speakers thanks to the hard work of our incredible dinner committee, and in particular our dinner cochairs, christina vale ntoni and david myers. thank you, guys. [applause]and thank you to our amazing executive director, who once again performed her magic to give us this evening. i also wanted to thank the foundation's sponsors and friends. their support makes the work of our foundation possible and helps us put on tonight's event. they are -- to jo to -- toyota, unitedhealth group, cq roll call, the hill, the us chamber of commerce, ford motor company, the national beer wholes
FOX News
Feb 13, 2013 3:00pm PST
%. >> 96% of the boom and production is private land. in north dakota, for instance, the unemployment rate is 3.2% in part because it acts so much faster than the administration. >> it takes ten days to get a permit to drill in north dakota. 307 days on average for government land. >> if it moves factor, critics see huge job potential. >> we would have $2 million more jobs -- 2 million more jobs in 30 years. >> both sides are concerned it didn't mention the keystone xl pipeline last night, issue that commits environmental from some unions that say keystone xl creates 20,000 high-paying jobs. >> those are shovel ready jobs. all he has to do is pencil in his signature and they will go to work. >> the president did give a nod to environmentalists, promising to act on what he described as the dangers of climate change. >> if congress want act soon to protect future generations, i will. >> epa has been investigating fracking but that's primarily responsible for the boom in natural gas the president cheers. >> 70% of the natural gas resource that we know of in the united states is the dependent
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am PST
dakota, an accident, a motorcycle that was in the lanes there and we will take a look or a look at our abc7 ways app the backup on to 880 northbound and southbound, again, backed from dakota. you can download this free app to navigate your commute at the apple app and google play. ahead, five things to know before you go. the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. ♪ it can even be a game changer. that's why choosy moms and dads choose jif. >> good morning, this is the bay bridge with the golden sun, basking in the sun, no pretty, making the drive into san francisco more enjoyable this morning and we check with our meteorologist, mike nicco and sue half but, first, before we hand it off to "good morning america" five things to know. new video from sacramento where coast guard search plane took off to launch today's search for a missing family of four. the coast guard is combing the waters where the sailboat disappeared on sunday. two bay area high schools are canceling student trips to south america after a couple disappeared while trav
Feb 24, 2013 9:30am EST
to you, governor dugard of south dakota. you have worked with an express roundtable. we would like to hear from you. >> thank you. i was invited by governor markell to participate with him. governor, i am impressed at your green this as your initiative. it is much was that i thought it would be. i am impressed with the practical, real concrete suggestions that i gleaned in october and i.m. gleening again today -- and i am gleening again today. i want to do more. i am embarrassed to say i have some connection with that. one of the things the governor asked me to do was to relay a story i relayed last october. i will do that. i grew up in eastern south dakota along the minnesota border. the plains are so flat that if your dog runs away, you can see him for several days. [laughter] my grandparents came from denmark in 1903. they were teenagers. got married in iowa and bought a small farm in south dakota, where my father was born three years later right in the farmhouse there. on that firm where they had bought. dad was bought born -- was born profoundly deaf. i had to laugh when i was
Feb 26, 2013 3:00am PST
for senator heidi heitkamp. new senator from north dakota and you know, north dakota, it is really a very interesting situation out there. because it is a red state right. and yet north dakota has given us byron dorgan, kent conrad and now heidi heitkamp. three real progressives. >> yeah. >> bill: in the senate. heidi heitkamp won last time in november. president obama lost north dakota by 23 points. so it is just that there's this home-grown progressive tradition in north dakota and if you grow up there and you're known there you could can be a preggive. they like you you get elected. the way to get elected in north dakota is pretty clear. i learned last night. byron dorgan was the tax commissioner elected statewide for north dakota. he was succeeded by kent conrad, the tax commissioner from north dakota. kent conrad was succeeded as tax commissioner from north dakota by heidi heitkamp. >> all right. >> bill: kent worked as an assistant to byron and heidi worked as an assistant to kent. so we all wanted to know who is the next tax commissioner? she's great. she's great. we're going to ge
Feb 20, 2013 6:00pm PST
. and as in mississippi, absent intervention from the courts, the state of north dakota will likely shut down its only abortion providing clinic if this law takes its course. that mississippi-style trap law has already passed the north dakota senate. it is seen as likely to pass the north dakota house and to be signed into law by north dakota's republican governor. and that is not the end of the movement to regulate abortion clinics out of existence in america. this week a new trap law measure passed through the republican-controlled house in alabama. it's now headed to the alabama senate. the new rules targeting abortion clinics in the state come with a bunch of new building codes that would force most clinics to do extensive renovations that they may not be able to afford. and doctors who perform abortions would suddenly be required to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. now abortion clinics in alabama are already required to at least contract with a doctor who has admitting privileges. so each clinic in the state already has a relationship with a doctor who has hospital admitting privile
Feb 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
focus to a storm developing out to the west. in the dakotas and nebraska. moving into the mississippi valley at this stage of the game. it will be moving across the country and coming east by monday. we are in a mode know where the storms are going to be out over the atlantic and do something, so that is more conducive to the potential of more nor'easters. that is not a guarantee or a forecast. 40 and 28, those with highs and lows. close to the normal. minus 7 was the record low in 1934. 34 annapolis. 36 cambridge. parkton in the 20's. never got out of the 20s in western maryland. clear skies overhead right now. the departing storm and the approaching storm out to the west. wedged in between is this area of high pressure. that is sunday's weather. that developing storm out west. once this moves of the picture, then it will allow the storm to come in. it will track over us and bring that cold front into the area. overnight tonight, nice and quiet and cold. 17 to 25 with clear skies. the winds will be calm. sunset at 5:37. are getting sunlight a little bit later, an hour more sunshine a
Feb 10, 2013 6:00pm EST
in alabama. it is in minnesota and the dakotas. most of the snow will be up there. overnight, places north of us may have to deal with freezing rain. high pressure is moving out of the picture. here is the front coming in. how low is headed to the northeast toward canada. the front will be coming through our area and generate rain ahead of it. overnight tonight, 30 to 35. most of the readings should stay above freezing. alights southeast wind at two to 7 miles an hour. rain showers in the general forecast. freezing conditions to the north in pennsylvania. each day, it is getting longer as far as the sunlight is concerned. pennsylvania and north, they have a freeze advisories because of the risk overnight. some of the rain could freeze on contact. tomorrow, we will get into the 50's for the highs. the rain will be concentrated in the morning. by afternoon, we should have some sunshine as the rain moves out. the futurecast tells the story. at 1:00, and you begin to see rain activity. these are the spots of freezing rain. it looks like we will be in the clear for a while. tomorrow, we start o
Feb 19, 2013 12:00pm EST
. the same storm battered north dakota, leaving slick roads. some had to be shut down after several rollovers and crashes. we now know what caused the engine room fire that left thousands stranded at sea. a coast guard says a leak in the fuel return line started the blaze. the fuel oil sprayed onto some hot surface and caught fire. it was supposed to be a four day trip but the engine room fire but the ship disabled and stranded for five days. investigators in florida are trying to figure out what cost to gas pumps to burst into flame. a driver passing by this station in florida capture this video. some vehicles were near the claims -- near the flames. rescue officials say no one was hurt. still the come at noon, it has been a nasty year for the flu. why you should not let your guard down just yet in medical alert. yet. rain passes through an even cold air coming in on the backside of the storm. details after the break. first a live look outdoors. raindrops on the camera. it is 43 at the harbor. >> the end of the is recalling thousands of its most popular car. problems with battery connected c
Feb 15, 2013 5:30pm EST
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